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Nov 8 11

Increasing the phpMyAdmin session timeout

by joho

When phpMyAdmin is installed, the default session timeout value is too low for many users, making your phpMyAdmin session expire too soon. One could argue that a low session timeout value is a good idea from a security perspective. If you do not think this is an issue, here are a few simple steps that’ll let you change how long phpMyAdmin will keep your session(s) alive.

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May 31 11

Changing collation of MySQL database, tables and columns

by Mats Djärf

Use this script if you need to change collation for your MySQL database, tables or columns.

You can use PhpMyAdmin to change Collation but if you want to change whole database you should use this PHP-script.

Run this script only at your own risk. If you have a big database you need to change the script execution time in your php

Download PHP-script

Apr 9 10

Show all images in a folder with PHP

by Mats Djärf

This PHP-script will show all images located in a folder. I have add some TABLE-stuff if you want to print to paper.

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Sep 30 09

Database multiple search & replace

by Mats Djärf

Search through your whole MySQL database and replace with preferred value. Very useful when you want replace Value1 with Value2 in every table and column in your MySQL database. It’s also possible to search & replace more than one value in a time.

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Jan 19 09

WordPressed W8.SE

by admin

We have switched software from Joomla to WordPress; mainly because WP suits our needs better for W8.SE